This was a t-shirt design I made for my band GHOSTLIGHT's single 'Fireflies' which was then renamed to 'Morning Lights' due to the close proximity of the Owl City hit single 'Fireflies'.


This is a poster I designed for the debut electronica album from my band 'smdge.'



For a while I was developing my own Turtles graphic novel that dealt with Splinter dying from a disease. It then saw the four Turtles splitting and travelling separate paths across the World as they searched for meaning in a future without their sensei.


Kevin Eastman (joint creator of the Turtles) and Jim Lawson (the longest artist on the Turtles comics) were both kind enough to be in constant contact with me and gave very generous praise to my take on their characters. I'm indebted to both of them for taking the time to look at a strangers work.


I hope one day to have the time to finish it. For now - here is a panel I finished.


This is a portrait I did of my very good friend; Saya.


This is the cover to a graphic novel I was developing called 'FALLING AWAY'. It told the story of a young man who's wife is taken from him. After 9 months living as a shut-in, he leaves his old life behind and travels across the USA. Trying to find a place that he can once again, belong.


Many of the themes and ideas for this book were later on adapted into my experimental feature film 'THE ABSENCE OF STRANGERS' which you can see clips of in the FILM section of this site.


This is a little picture I did as a Thank You to my friend Dieter Sermeus who is the lead singer/songwriter of the incredibly beautiful band 'THE GO FIND'.


He kindly sang on one of my tracks ('Already Awkward Now' on 'Without Hurting'). This pictures is inspired by the tune and lyrics of the opening song on his second album 'Stars on the Wall' called 'Beautiful Night'.


This is a poster design for my epic comic book 'NIN.COM.POP' which would have been followed by the photo diary 'I CAN'T FEEL MY TOES'.


It told the tale of a group of aliens led by Sigh (the rabbit looking creature in the centre) who discover a small Fat Chicken on their planet, with a dead astronaut. Fearing that one of their own has killed the chickens owner, they vow to bring the small chick home and so begins an epic journey across galaxies to find planet Earth.


While drawn in a cartoony way, the book was going to be incredibly dense and deal with violence, sex, philosophy, religion and prejudices. It ended up being just too large a project to finish but I have sketches, scenes, scrawlings and pages littering my drawers.





This is simply a Thank You drawing I made for the lovely people at IGN who have been incredibly lovely to me over the past year or so.


My take on some of my favourite X-MEN.


This is a completely unsolicited Advert that I designed for Kodak. Starring a cuddly Wendigo.