The Absence of Strangers

This is the official Trailer to 'The Absence of Strangers'. 'The Absence of Strangers' is a bold experiment in modern film-making and was created with only 1 Crew Member.


Al White (crew) and Alexander Chard wrote the film together and then travelled for a month across the width of the USA from New York to LA, shooting with strangers, actors and actresses along the way. They are currently in post-production and are prepping for some reshoots.


The Absence of Strangers

This is the teaser trailer for the debut feature film from Al White - THE ABSENCE OF STRANGERS.


A unique, experimental film shot with a crew of 1 filmed during a month in the USA.


Shot on the C300.

Spider-Man : Eclipse (Trailer)

Spider-Man : Eclipse

This is the official trailer to our Spider-man short fan film - SPIDER-MAN : ECLIPSE.


The film was released online on the 3rd JULY by IGN and their START channel.


Shot on RED EPIC with Anamorphic lenses.

Spider-Man : Eclipse (Prelude)

Spider-Man : Eclipse

This is the Official teaser trailer to the fan film SPIDER-MAN : ECLIPSE.


Currently shown with some temp FX work, it will be re-uploaded soon.


SPIDER-MAN : ECLIPSE is a short independent fan film made by professionals and will be released on 22nd JUNE.


It's shot on the Red Epic (The Hobbit, Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-man).


This teaser was shot on the 5D MK ii and the Red Epic.

Colorblind (Teaser)


The first teaser for the new short film by Al White. Starring Alexander Chard & Avena Mansergh Wallace. With music by A Winged Victory for the Sullen.


A science-fiction romance about love, loss and the end of the World.


Bokeh Pictures

Beneath (Teaser)


This is the teaser trailer for BENEATH - the independent short film from Director Al White.


Shot over a week on locations in the UK with a crew of three and a cast of two; BENEATH is currently in the finishing stages of post-production and will be entered to festivals and released online in October.


Starring India Wadsworth (The Dark Knight Rises, Lip Service, Abercrombie and Fitch) and Tanroh Ishida (47 Ronin, Gambit). Shot, Edited and Scored by Al White. This film was made with the EX3, Letus Ultimate Adapter, Convergent Nano Flash, and various pre-ai Nikon Lenses.


Bokeh Pictures 2011