Mr Al White

Al White is a multi award-winning film director, and award-winning musician from the UK who spends his time split between there and L.A.


He is co-manager of international boutique production house TESSELLATE (WEARETESSELLATE.COM) which is currently in various stages of development and pre-production on a number of feature films shorts, web series, albums and progressive game experiences. His short films 'Beneath', 'Choose', and 'Pulling Away' have all won numerous awards at festivals around the world.


His debut feature film, 'Starfish', is an extremely personal project for him, based upon the external and internal realities of events over the past two years of his life, it's a film born from necessity as well as passion. The movie shoots July and November 2016 for Festival release 2017.


Al is also in the midst of developing numerous feature-length projects - - including visceral horror film 'Middle of Nowhere', alternate sci-fi drama 'A Warm Place' and the sun-drenched epic franchise 'Geeks'.


In addition to his film work, Al hosts the weekly entertainment podcast GEEKS. which is the headline podcast of WEARETESSELLATE.COM and he is the lead singer/songwriter for UK band GHOSTLIGHT, whose music has topped numerous charts and won various awards. Their second album 'Dive Dark' releases end of 2016.